Dynamic courses


There is a high interaction level between students and the instructor, which adds a unique element to the experience


Certified Professionals in Issabel are able to create dial plans, implement robust VoIP solutions, and solve common problems. The laboratory practices were designed to maximize the transfer of the Instructor's experience to the student.

  • Telephony and VoIP
  • Issabel
  • Asterisk
  • Security
  • Linux and Networking

Keys to our Training Program



The content of the training program is based in the work of developers, integrators, and hardware manufacturers, which allows the information on how to use the platform to be extended towards its implementation within the environment of the company.



T.I. and Telecommunications Professionals with deep experience in Issabel, Asterisk and more open source solutions. The key value in Issabel training is working in real production environments.



Each course has been designed in four parts. General theory, theory on the Issabel platform, practices in real cases and tutoring. Each point reinforces the learning of Issabel's knowledge.



The student must pass an online exam at the end of each course. It is important to emphasize that the completion of the course does not guarantee the approval of the certification exam.



You gain access to a community of certified professionals, to world-class projects, to meet and connect with manufacturers and distributors linked to the telephony and communications industry.




Issabel Certified Advisor

Issabel Certified Advanced Engineer

Issabel Call Center Specialist

Issabel Multitenancy Specialist

Issabel Security Master

Issabel HA & Virtualization Specialist