Issabel Cloud

Issabel Cloud goals are:

Enables communication in minutes, through a new simple and intuitive interface.

Issabel Cloud, guarantees a secure and effective communication with your work team and customers through voice and video, practically from any location.

  • Is everything a company needs to communicate from any location.
  • Activate in MINUTES and in a simple manner some functions.
  • It offers a consistent user experience for the whole company..
  • Friendly and intuitive setup interface.
  • Simple setup and 24/7 customer support 24/7.
  • Scalability according to business growth.
  • Flexible contracts. You only pay for your consumption.


Work place has evolved, a company is no longer a physical space to which the workers go, these, are people connected through different devices or laptops working from different locations worldwide.

Therefore the challenge is to keep or increase productivity of the work teams. Issabel Cloud, helps the companies to break ties of the company with a standard location, reduce communication barriers in your company and transform the staff experience improving their collaboration and communication.

Companies have found in the cloud a key element to manage business communications with a highly scalable and versatile model. Issabel Cloud, eliminates most of the cost and complexity that local communication systems maintenance involves.



Improve your communication today!

  • Business PBX function: calls transfer, automatic calls diversion, conference, voice mail, hold music and calls routing.
  • Call direct to an extension.
  • Automatic operator.
  • Private audio conference rooms.
  • Call recording.
  • Management from any device at any moment and at any location.
  • Dial by directory.
  • Calls forward.
  • Mobility. Capabilities available from portable devices, desktop computers and laptops.
  • Voice mail to email.
  • Calls capture groups.
  • With “SLA” service levels of the industry.
  • Report of calls made and received traffic.
  • Simultaneous calls ringing in extension groups.
  • Sequential call ringing.

With Issabel Cloud

  • Unlimited scalability. It ca be increased or decreased according to the business needs.
  • It improves the costs structure: with a payment model per use.
  • It allows you to operate with a wide variety of “endpoints” SIP and softphones.
  • “Powered by Issabel - The Secure Open Source Solution For Unified Communications”.
  • Provide to your workers tools that allow them to effectively be communicated and improve the organization performance.
  • Encourages the business productivity with capacities including SIP Trunking, PBX and a full group of apps.
  • Enables voice services in all your organization instantaneously through a single Web Browser Control Panel.


Dashboard showing system data.


Ring Groups.

Add Ring Group.

New Sip Extension.

Issabel PBX information.

Add IVR.

Extension Config File.