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Web Chat Support
Web Chat Support
Web Chat Support
attention in regular working and hour dates
$ 100,00
1 Hour of Support
Time Chat Based 8x5
$ 450,00
Bundle of 5 Hours of Support
Time Chat Based 8x5
$ 900,00
Bundle of 10 Hours of Support
Time Chat Based 8x5
attention every day of the year
$ 150,00
1 Hour of Support
Time Chat Based 24x7
$ 675,00
Bundle of 5 Hours of Support
Time Chat Based 24x7
$ 1350,00
Bundle of 10 Hours of Support
Time Chat Based 24x7


World-class remote support available anywhere at any time

On demand support is designed to solve issues or perform unplanned configurations remotely, from anywhere in the world.

From configuration procedures up to project deployment estimations, the reason this service is so popular among integrators is that they can execute their projects backed up with 2nd and 3rd level of support.


  • 8×5 Attention
  • 24×7 Attention
  • The support is acquired with the purchase of tickets, which can be used in 8×5 or 24×7 schedules and are valid for 6 months after the purchase date.
  • The ticket generates a code which allows you to automatically access our support system.
  • The ticket number covers up to (1) one hour of Issabel chat-based support.
  • During the support session, you will be assisted by an Issabel Certified Engineer in working days.
  • 8×5 support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 17h00 (Central European Time: CMT).
  • 24×7 support is available throughout the entire year.
  • You can reuse the ticket number several times, until its available time is exhausted. The time used is not rounded to hours, so you can save time for several requests.
  • Quick and effective support with remote login via SSH.

Support may include

  • Changes in Issabel and/or Asterisk configuration
  • Research and/or case diagnosis
  • Assistance in Call Center setup
  • Troubleshooting/Workaround
  • Remote access

Support does not include

  • Issabel and/or Asterisk bug resolution
  • Programming or Scripting
  • Call recordings provisioning
  • Troubleshooting of third-party solutions
  • Any other service not listed as included
  • Remote access requirement: The user must have enabled SSH access (port 22) and web access (port 443) to the Issabel server that must be configured. This should be performed before the support attention to avoid time loss. The use of remote access software is also valid. Check the FAQs for more information.
  • Our support engineers can only give suggestions about changes in the customer’s network configuration. These suggestions will be related to solve any problem related to networking at the time of support. Our support engineers will not perform any network configuration at any time.
  • Chat support is not a valid way to perform development of Issabel functionality. Any requirement that involves development should be requested and will be scaled to our development team. This work will follow the policies and procedures of this area.
  • It is recommended that before requesting a support, you verify first that the problem is not already reported in the Issabel Bug Tracker. Any solution related to bugs will be released by our development team with available patches.
  • Issabel is not responsible for bugs in Asterisk or third-party software. If the reported issue is related with an Asterisk bug, the support engineer will inform the customer and register the problem in Asterisk’s bug tracker. The issue will be solved when a solution is available.
  • If you require support for third-party hardware, it is possible that our technical team may need time for research. In this case, the support engineer will estimate the time, if necessary, and will inform you if there is any additional time required.
  • Research-related time will be discounted of the total amount of support hours.
  • If the issue is hardware-related, the support engineer will inform the customer for him to start an RMA process with the manufacturer. If the issue is related to Issabel hardware, the support engineer will instruct the customer with the proper procedure to start the RMA process.
  • Supported Hardware: Issabel hardware is supported by default. For telephony integration, the support will only cover Issabel Certified Hardware. If the hardware is not certified, it could derive that the support engineer performs a research about it.
  • You need the web interface administrator password and the root password.
  • You need Teamviewer 7 (remote desktop application) access to the Issabel server from your PC.
  • Another alternative is to have routed remote access to your Issabel server via SSH (TCP port 22) and HTTPS (TCP port 443.

You can download it from:

TeamViewer 7

You can execute the felow procedure:

How To Reset Linux Forgotten Root Password

By physically accessing the server as root user, and executing the below command:

/usr/bin/sqlite3 /var/www/db/acl.db “UPDATE acl_user SET md5_password = ‘`echo -n newpassword|md5sum|cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 1`’ WHERE name = ‘admin'”

Where the new admin password shall be newpassword; Do not forget to change it afterwards.

You must click “Logout” and then fill out the survey.

You may use it in future sessions, it is valid for one year after the purchase date.

You will have to buy the required support time indicated by the support engineer, and access with the new ticket.

You should verify you have entered the right number, without blank spaces before or after. Please also check you are not entering the example ticket number provided in the support guide.

It may be that you haven’t ended your previous support session correctly, and that your ticket is locked. Send an email to support@Issabel.com to request its unlocking.

It may be that the intermediary financial entity has had an issue, send an email to sales@Issabel.com to confirm your purchase and request the generation of your support ticket.

Send an email to support (support@issabel.com), we will get back to you, and assist in your support requirement, while the problem is being solved.

You may send an email to support@issabel.com, one of the certified engineers will take your request.