BASIC Issabel Support Subscription

BASIC Issabel Support Subscription


Feel supported and prevent any critical situation with our Issabel Subscriptions plans which include Cloud services. Always keep your server running and improve the productivity of your business.

The best coverage and direct assistance

A Issabel Support Subscription is an annual contract plan that provides coverage for a communications server that your company has in operation running an Issabel stable distribution.

Subscribe now to one of our plans insuring each of your implementations with direct support from the manufacturer.

Discover the features offered in our plans with higher profitability for your business.

Support via email, chat, or phone

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote Monitoring – Monitoring Services

Preventive Audit

8x5 & 24x7 attention

The lowest response time (SLA)

In addition to the support hours, you can monitor your Issabel server wherever you are, and graphically view the performance of your server, as well as receiving alerts directly to your email.

Receive a thorough report of audits programmed by you, and conducted by Issabel Certified Engineers.

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