Freedom to comunicate

Issabel® is an Open Source Software to establish Unified Communications. About this concept, Issabel® goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.

Unified Communications With Issabel


Maintain the scheme of marketing, implementation and support of platforms based on Open Source, improve the developments, integrations and functionalities of the previous installations until today, offering the tranquility of an operation created and supported by the foundations of traditional Elastix open source code.


Issabel® has a very powerful organizational structure, with representation and schemes of support and local attention in several countries; USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, etc ...

New Features

We have a new and varied low cost end points as well new and better hardware of PBX, Gateways, Sip Firewall, etc. Integration of new functionalities, including video communication through any web browser (WebRTC: Web Real-Time Communication), versions for cloud operation (On Cloud), service on demand (Demand), Multi-Tenant platform, and much more.


Our commitment is to follow up and continue the training and related certifications.This is your chance to easily get a revalidation for free and get on board to the Issabel® platform…



include the following features:

Suported Features New Features
Voice Mail GeoIP
Fax-a-email Fail2Ban-Web Configuration
Support for softphones Open VPN-Web Configuration
Web Interface Configuration NetInstall Script for Cloud Instalation
Virtual conference rooms Video Conferences Module (WebRTC)
Call recording Call Center Module
Least Cost Routing  
Extension Roaming  
PBX Interconnection  
Caller ID  
Advance Reports  


Issabel® is an open source entrepreneur tool relased under the license GPLv2. You are free to use it for commercial or personal purposes subject to the conditions as described under its License.

Issabel® doesn’t have a cost related with licensing or functionality.

All the Issabel® versions are full versions without limitation in its use or its features. Nor the addition of modules or users, in an Issabel® implementation have a cost involved to the integrator, organizations or enterprises in desire to use Issabel®.


Issabel, Constant Development

Issabel® was created and is under constant development by Issabel LLC. We work every day of the year thinking how to improve your communications and designing new versions of Issabel®.

If you are interested in a personalized solution, please contact our comercial department: